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(Hristo Shopov as Ivan)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Вчера / Vchera.

Image YEAR: 1988.

DIRECTED BY: Ivan Andonov.

MAIN CAST: Hristo Shopov, Georgi Staikov, Sofia Kuzeva, Georgi Rusev, Nikola Rudarov, Krasimir Rankov, Svetla Todorova, Stoyan Alexiev, Maria Stefanova, Petar Popiordanov, Kris Bartlet, Pavel Popandov, Dimitar Goranov, Kosta Tsonev, Boris Lukanov, Nadia Todorova, Ilya Sekulov, Simeon Alexiev, Tsareva Beeva, Teodora Boynova and Penio Bayramov.

PRODUCED BY: Ivan Petkov.

WRITTEN BY: Vlado Daverov.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Kiril Marichkov.

RUNTIME: 84 minutes.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria.

GENRE: Romance | Drama.



The end of the 60s. The time of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, the sexual revolution and of youthful rebellion.

These social changes penetrated a Bulgarian boarding school, an elitist centre where students learn English and are usually the offspring of the party officials. Their behavior is torn between the necessity to conform to the social system and its strict rules, and the rebellion.

Dana, the daughter of a diplomat, joins this school and befriends Ivan (Hristo Shopov) and Rostislav. Ivan is the son of an important party member and as a result the school authorities are very lenient with his failures and behaviour. He is a free spirited person who does not identify himself with the imposed lifestyle and hypocrisy.

Rostislav, on the other hand, has to be careful about his attitude as the only thing keeping him in this school are his academic abilities, any little mistake could get him expelled.

Marina is also a student. She enjoys complicated relationships and thus pursues both Ivan and Rostislav.

The school is investigating the pregnancy of one of the students and this creates a tense atmosphere between the teachers.

* NOTE: 'YESTERDAY' is a truly important creation in the Bulgarian Cinema in which the nostalgia and the realism brought up by the storyline brings us closer to the life of students who experience friendship, prejudice, love, scandal, hate, the pain of losing a friend... The actors´ fine performance (who can forget Hristo Shopov in 'YESTERDAY') along with an unforgettable song makes the film an exceptional work, especially for those in their fourties.

The film won several awards, among them the FBIF Public Award of Varna (1988), the SBFD Best Script Award (1988), the Best Director Award of the Child-Young Cinema Festival of Moscow -MKF- (1989), and the San Remo Festival Grand Prize (1989).