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10.01.2021.- THEATER» "TEST“:
Next performances
- 26.01.2021 - SOFIA - PREMIERE!!
- 26.02.2021 - SOFIA
- 23.03.2021 - SOFIA


During these days we celebrate an important date for this website. !!! celebrates 10 years uninterrupted online!!!

Yes friends. It seems like yesterday when we uploaded the first version of this website, on December 25, 2010. From day one we were very clear about the purpose of this website: to offer its visitor information about Hristo Shopov's professional career. Despite its evolution throughout this time, it has always wanted to remain faithful to the same philosophy: to be a place of reference that offers its visitors truthful, rigorous and varied information in an attractive way.

The evolution of the website has been evident and continuous, both formally and substantially. Those of you who have been loyal visitors or followers from the first moment know it perfectly. We started with enthusiasm in 2010 with a totally different website that had 13 sections distributed in a much simpler format than the current one. Over the years, the home page was replaced by others with more modern, complete and advanced appearance that increased the possibilities of interaction with all of you. The change from one website to another also brought with it the introduction of much more information that materialized in the form of photographs, multimedia content, other images, videos ,etc. Specifically, throughout these years we have released 4 different versions (different appearance of the web), but always respecting the most interesting basic sections and even adding some new ones to improve them.

Now, after 10 years, HRISTO contains 1971 photos/ images: 415 photos complement the 73 films reflected in the “Filmography”; to this date there are 585 photos scattered around the "Galleries"; and almost 1000 images in the 34 sections and subsections of the web.I n the "Video" section, so far they add up a total of 126. Yourselves can get an idea of the progress made during this time by remembering that it all started with a “Filmography” that showed 58 films (with 337 images); 87 photos made up the "Gallery"; and no more than 20 images illustrated the rest of the sections on the web from the beginning. During this decade, you have also been able to enjoy more than 50 different illustrative creations for our homepage, as current events or each moment marked.

Shortly after the birth of the web, and to complement it, we decided to create our corresponding channel or page in some of the most popular social networks. Thus our presence has been established over this time on Facebook, Youtube, Flipboard and, more recently, Instagram. All these networks/channels have been an interesting and valuable complement to the page to present the news about Hristo Shopov to a greater number of people.

This growth achieved, the passage of time doesn’t mean an end to the excitement and desire to continue advancing, now and in the future, to improve and expand the base that already exists. Just the opposite!

Now, after 10 years, we want to convey our gratitude to you for choosing us as a means to bring you closer to Hristo's professional career. Thanks to the almost 4 million people who have visited, and those who follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

We hope you continue to enjoy HRISTO and see you here for many more years!

The Webmaster – HRISTO