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(Hristo Shopov as Kuss)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Undisputed III: Redemption.

Image YEAR: 2010.

DIRECTED BY: Isaac Florentine.

MAIN CAST: Scott Adkins, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Mark Ivanir, Hristo Shopov, Robert Costanzo, Lateef Crowder, Vernon Dobtcheff, Ilram Choi, Velislav Pavlov, Marko Zaror, Esteban Cueto and Michael Baral.

PRODUCED BY: Danny Dimbort, Avi Lerner, Israel Ringel, Trevor Short and David Varod.

WRITTEN BY: David N. White.


RUNTIME: 96 minutes.


GENRE: Action | Drama | Martial Arts.



Eight elite fighters and dangerous inmates from maximum-security prisons all over the world are taken to Gorgon prison in Georgia, thanks to the efforts of a powerful international organisation, who hope to put them all face to face in a fight, and get in return a large sum of money derived from bets that they make. The prize for the fighter that becomes the ultimate winner will be freedom.

Amongst the fighters is Russian inmate Boyka, but he has a badly damaged knee due to wounds sustained at the end of Undisputed 2. Even though he is no longer the fighter that everyone feared, when this new prison fight tournament begins he sees it as his only opportunity to regain his dignity and aspires for his personal redemption. His opponents will be an American, a Brazilian, a North Korean, a Greek, a Frenchman, a Croatian and a Colombian.

When they reach Gorgon they meet their “host”, Kuss (Hristo Shopov), the director of the prison, who tolerates this type of illegal prison fights within the walls of his prison.

Kuss has also registered a real interest in the development of the bets and from day one, he has something totally unexpected for the fighters: whilst all of the fighters are subject to forced labour, the Colombian – the inmate which Kuss bets on – is allowed to live comfortably, and even with certain luxuries, whilst the others are refused the most basic food, the Colombian is given drugs to make him stronger.

However, the strategy of the prison director is perhaps the least of the organisational problems that the prisoners discover because just as the competition advances, the influential organisation will not be willing to agree that any of them will reach the desired freedom.

If you are looking for fights, Undisputed 3 is the ideal film.

* NOTE: The film won the awards for the Best Director and the Best Fight Choreographer at the Action Film Festival (2010).



UNDISPUTED 3 - Hristo Shopov as Kuss