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(Hristo Shopov as Major Belov)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Target of Opportunity.

Image YEAR: 2004.

DIRECTED BY: Danny Lerner.

MAIN CAST: Dean Cochran, Todd Jensen, Hristo Shopov, Nadia Konakchieva, Les Weldon, Bashar Rahal, Alan J. Lam, Stanislav Pishtalov and Velizar Binev.

PRODUCED BY: Danny Lerner and Les Weldon (Nu Image and Tosca Pictures Ltd.).

WRITTEN BY: Les Weldon.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Stephen Edwards and Tom Erba.

RUNTIME: 92 minutes.

COUNTRY: USA - Bulgaria.

GENRE: Action | Thriller.



Jim Jacobs and Nick Carlton, friends since childhood and the CIA’s best agents, are sent on a hazardous operation in Chechnya. But a rebel militia raid results in the agents losing their job: their whole team is killed and only the two agents escape with their lives with Nick helping Jim who was wounded in combat.

Years later, being separated for a long period of time and no longer belonging to the American secret agency, Jim receives a suspicious phone call from mysterious woman originating from Gorna, a Balkan territory, telling him Nick is in jail.

Jim remembers that his friend left a case that should only be opened if Nick is ever in trouble. Jim then asks for help from the organization they worked for, but the CIA rebuffs his anguished plead because Nick is now on United States blacklist due to being a worldwide black market nuclear weapon provider, and becomes the CIA’s main target.

Jim is warned by his former colleagues not to be involved around the turbulent and dangerous affair, but the friendship that unites them is stronger than that and he embarks alone on the most dangerous mission of his life to find out if Nick is really a traitor.

Right now, Jim is the only person who can help the disappeared Nick.

Once in Europe and with the intention to save his friend, Jim meets the intriguing woman who sent the warning about Nick’s situation. Together they plan how to get Nick free from prison. After infiltrating the prison, Jim finds out that Nick has been captured by an army officer called Major Belov (Hristo Shopov), and is being drugged to obtain some kind of important information for Belov.

If Nick doesn’t talk in a few hours, Belov is going to kill him.

In a story of action, adventure and international spying, from the Chechnyan countryside to the streets of Gorna, Major Belov’s main target, Jim, will be involved in a nuclear weapons trade plot, put an old friendship in danger, witness government corruption and deal with an ambiguous woman who knows too much.