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(Hristo Shopov as Ivan)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Следвай ме / Sledvai me (TV).

Image YEAR: 2003.

DIRECTED BY: Docho Bodjakov.

MAIN CAST: Hristo Shopov, Biliana Petrinska, Nevena Simeonova, Stoycho Mazgalov, Hristo Garbov, Mihail Mutafov, Lidia Valkova and Rumena Trifonova.

PRODUCED BY: Plamen Yordanov.

WRITTEN BY: Docho Bodjakov and Marin Damyanov.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Teodosi Spasov.

RUNTIME: 73 minutes.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria.

GENRE: Romance | Drama.



On a rainy day, Ivan (Hristo Shopov)drives through a road where he coincidentally meets a woman, Maria, who is hitch-hiking to reach a village where an important issue awaits her. Ivan stops beside Maria and kindly asks if she needs any help, such as giving her a lift, because it is about to get dark and the area will turn into a place unsuitable for a lady.

Although Maria refuses at first, she eventually accepts Ivan’s offer and both of them continue ahead to Maria’s destination.

At first, they hardly talk, both seem to be tortured and lost in their own trouble but, after a few hours, Ivan tries to engage Maria into polite conversation

Slowly, conversation arises between the two, first about shallow matters but later about their lives, their issues and hopes. Everything seems hopeless in their destinies, as they’re trapped in past. However, they have more things in common than they could possibly imagine.

Initially it seemed that their time together will end soon as Maria points out that her destination is close. Ivan wants to take it to her house but she says that she only wants to be taken to the nearby area. Maria’s wish is respected, but as he drives off, Ivan turns back, stops beside her again and insists on taking her home.

When they reach the village, Ivan knows Maria’s father is about to die and that his travel companion needs help to solve an important matter.

Knowing that it’s possible to start a new life without darkness, they both decide to help each other .

* NOTE: Hristo Shopov and Biliana Petrinska demonstrate perfect natural acting where the viewer understands their feelings without the need for any words.

The film’s simple scenery accurately matches the dramatic script, and the actor’s great presence fits beautifully with Spasov’s soundtrack which together make the viewer think deeply about the meaning of life.