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(Hristo Shopov as the thug with knife)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Queen's Messenger.

Image YEAR: 2000.

DIRECTED BY: Mark Roper.

MAIN CAST: Gary Daniels, Teresa Sherrer-Donovan, John Standing, David Westhead, Hristo Shopov, Romina Mondello, Christoph Waltz, Ivan Ivanov and Krystjo Lafazanov.

PRODUCED BY: Gary Howsam, Harry Alan Towers and Alexander Metodiev GFT Entertainment, Towers of London Entertainment and Boyana Film Company).

WRITTEN BY: Peter Jobin and Peter Welbeck.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Stelvio Cipriani.

RUNTIME: 90 minutes.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria - U.K.

GENRE: Action | Thriller.



By order of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Captain Strong, a senior officer of the elite Queen’s Messenger Corps, is given the dangerous assignment of delivering a delicate communication to the British Ambassador of a troubled Asian state, Kazakhstan.

If the document is intercepted, secret agreements signed by the leaders of the nations interested in controlling the region’s strategic oil reserves will be seriously jeapordised.

With this important order, Strong goes ahead to Kazakhstan under instructions to protect the mission even at the expense of his own life. From this moment on, his courage and skills will be put to the test to ensure the objective is achieved succesfully.

As soon as he touches down in his destination, he is met in the airport by an armed gang, whose leader (Hristo Shopov) demands Strong’s briefcase, where the secret information is. The group is backed up by the local police. But the British agent is not willing to fail his mission.

In this age of high technology and the internet, some messages are still too important and can only be delivered by hand and at a great risk by The Queen's Messenger.