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(Hristo Shopov as Vasyl)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Очите плачат различно / Ochite plachat razlichno.

Image YEAR: 1989.

DIRECTED BY: Alexander Rakovski.

MAIN CAST: Hristo Shopov, Sofia Kuzeva, Ivan Farkov, Sasho Petkov, Nikolai Stanchev, Dimitar Bozakov, Pancho Chernev, Konstantin Hadjipanzov, Daniela Goranova, Stefan Dimitriev, Svetla Todorova, Liubomir Farkov and Lili Eneva.

PRODUCED BY: Konstantin Stoychev - STF -EKRAN-.

WRITTEN BY: Boyan Biolchev.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Konstantin Manolov.

RUNTIME: 58 minutes.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria.

GENRE: Romance.



Vasyl (Hristo Shopov) works hard as a truck driver in an open air quarry, living in a small room in a public residence with the rest of his coworkers and his little nephew, a child he has to take care of.

The relationship between the two is perfect, they only have each other and nobody comes between them.

One day, Vasyl meets Vera, a young art restorer who works in an old church just next to the mine.

Vasyl tries several times to approach Vera and strike up conversation, but she always refuses him. One night, at a canteen where all the workers meet, a man molests Vera, and while her friends do nothing to help her, Vasyl tries to defend her, resulting in a fight.

From this moment on a friendship springs between them which later becomes a romance. Vasyl has to do everything possible to not neglect his nephew and maintain his relationship with Vera, which is not that simple. But the child himself started to like Vera, which pleases Vasyl.

When Vasyl decides to go further and do things to strengthen and secure the relationship, he discovers that Vera is not sure about it.