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(Hristo Shopov as Filev)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Кръговрат / Kragovrat.

Image YEAR: 1993.

DIRECTED BY: Docho Bodjakov.

MAIN CAST: Kosta Tsonev, Georgi Georgiev-Gets, Anya Pencheva, Lyuben Chatalov, Hristo Shopov, Boyan Kovachev, Yvan Stamenov and Svetozar Nedelchev.


WRITTEN BY: Docho Bodjakov and Dimitar Nachev.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Sergei Djokanov.

RUNTIME: 65 minutes.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria.

GENRE: Drama.



Stoian Shanov, a strong communist supporter, is found dead, shot in the chest and lying beside a gun at his home in a small village in the country. The time period is 1990s.

A judge travels from Sofia, in charge of investigating the case. The judge begins the search by interrogating Ivan Dimovski, Shanov’s old friend who had found the body. Dimovski’s mind is then invaded by memories which take the audience back to Shanov’s past, going back to his birthplace. From that moment on, the present and the past flow simultaneously in the film and characters appear withintertwining paths, in the end affecting the life of the communist himself.

In 1944 Shanov refuses to give a trial to a political group who oppose his ideology, and commands their execution. Later, he reports his best friend, Dimovski, getting him sent to a concentration camp.

Time goes by and a young girl, Maria, who is Shanov’s ex-secretary, has a relationship with his son which leads to her secretly giving birth to a boy who is immediately given up for adoption. But, after a few years, Maria is looking for her son and finally finds him still living in the same town where she left him. Maria befriends a young engineer from this town called Filev, and ask for his help to get her child back.

Without much hope, Shanov thinks about the path he took in his past, which fills him with regret. The ideals he had in his youth now seem to have passed away, he’s full of sorrow for not having ever met his grandson, and he takes the last decision of his life..

* NOTE: An interesting film with characters trapped in lives of transition. The well-thought setting in the countryside,that portrays a remote village in the mountains, contrasts perfectly with the modern Bulgaria and makes the audience conscious of the social differences of these two environments.

A great story of conflicts and family relations in 20th century society that is made even more believable due to the acting of top Bulgarian actors.