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(Hristo Shopov as Krasimir)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Коледата е възможна / Koledata e vazmojna (TV).

Image YEAR: 2001.

DIRECTED BY: Hristian Nochev.

MAIN CAST: Hristo Shopov, Mariana Stanisheva, Victor Kalev, Koina Ruseva, Julian Vergov, Nadeshda Ivanova, Plamen Manasiev, Konstantin Kotsev, Albena Mihova, Liubomir Neikov, Naum Shopov and Maria Bakalova.

PRODUCED BY: Vlado Daverov.

WRITTEN BY: Simon E. Shwarts and Hristian Nochev.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Rumen Boiadshiev.

RUNTIME: 71 minutes.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria.

GENRE: Comedy.



There are many Christmas tales: Some are happy, some are real...

When Christmas comes families gather together, as is the tradition.

It’s the same case for this family, made up of Krasimir (Hristo Shopov), Stefan, his wife and daughter, and Svetla with her two children. The three are siblings who are going to gather to spend a quiet Christmas in a mountain house. They start to prepare everything for the journey and the celebrations, but it seems that Krasimir is preoccupied with something else.

They all leave separately. Krasmir will pick up Stefan in his car, while Svetla will travel in another car with her sister-in-law, children and niece.

But the encounter won’t be easy. From this moment on, a series of circumstances appear that might impede the expected reunion: the mobile phone through which they were supposed to give instructions to Krasmir is not working; the lock of the cabin has a problem which stops Svetla and her group, the first ones to arrive, getting inside; Stefan brings a woman who is more than a friend, trying to introduce her to the rest of the family as a friend of Krasmir; a father Christmas who faints when the presents should be given; some Christmas ornaments that break before being used; and many more, including an “unexpected surprise” by Krasimir…are the ingredients of this comedy that puts Christmas in danger for this family.

* NOTE: A highly recommended comedy, especially at Christmas time when we gather with our loved ones; a very funny, smart script with several messages, one of which is expressed in its main title.

During the 26th Edition of the International Cinema Festival Zlatna Rakla the Bulgarian Union of Artists awarded Hristo Shopov with the title of ‘Best Actor’ for this film.