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(Hristo Shopov as captain Getov)



Image YEAR: 2015.

DIRECTED BY: Krzysztof Lukaszewicz.

MAIN CAST: Bartlomiej Topa, Hristo Shopov, Antoni Krolikowski, Atheer Adel, Tomasz Schuchardt, Leszek Lichota and Alexander Sano.

PRODUCED BY: Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych, Włodzimierz Niderhaus, Miramar Film.

WRITTEN BY: Krzysztof Lukaszewicz.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Cezary Skubiszewski.

RUNTIME: 115 minutes.

COUNTRY: Poland - Bulgaria.

GENRE: War | Drama.



A film based on true events that occurred during the Iraq War.

KARBALA narrates the four-day operation during the spring of 2004, where the Bulgarian and Polish military contingent do the impossible to repel the Islamic attacks against the Town Hall of the city of Karbala. There are Bulgarian soldiers with armoured vehicles in the first line of defence under Polish command.

3rd April 2004, we are in the midst of the Iraq War: Shiite extremists rise up and the so-called Mahdi army strikes several Iraqi cities simultaneously.

In Karbala, in the centre of the city and its town hall, one of the most violent battles is being fought. Defending the town hall are only 40 Poles and 40 Bulgarian soldiers. Facing them are hundreds of the rebels.

Muslim extremists shoot assault rifles, grenade launchers and all types of weapons at their disposal. The greatest fear of the European contingent soldiers is running out of ammunition.


The battle continues throughout the whole night, the soldiers killing between 80 and 100 rebels. The Bulgarian and Polish soldiers use the bodies of dead enemies as makeshift shields. During the battle a Bulgarian, Nenko Petkov Kotov, is slightly wounded.

After World War II, in relation to the military history of Poland, the battle of Karbala at the Town Hall is considered one of the toughest battles fought, involving Bulgarian and Polish military forces.

“The film must portray that not only the history of the First and the Second World War had its heroes. Many fighters, who now live all around us, deserve that title. It should demonstrate that in Iraq in 2004, despite having inferior equipment, we carried out something that many experts would consider impossible. And we did it with charisma, courage and determination.”
Grzegorz Kalichak, officer of the 17th Mechanised Polish Brigade.
In 2004 he led the defence of the Town Hall in Karbala.



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