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(Hristo Shopov as Gotinia)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Камера! Завеса! / Kamera! Zavesa!

Image YEAR: 2002.

DIRECTED BY: Hristian Nochev and Petar Odajiev.

MAIN CAST: Hristo Shopov, Aneta Sotirova, Vasil Mihailov, Galin Stoev, Kamen Donev, Lili Lazarova, Magdalena Mitova, Vasil Bachvarov and Stefan Shterev.

PRODUCED BY: Vlado Daverov - BNT.

WRITTEN BY: Simon E. Shwarts.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Stefan Valdobrev.

RUNTIME: 27 minutes (each episode).

COUNTRY: Bulgaria.

GENRE: Comedy.



Camera! Curtain! is a series composed of 6 episodes where the fundamental element is comedy.

The first two, entitled Filming A Soap Opera and Butchers-Producers, star Hristo Shopov as a sympathetic mobster.

The plot of these episodes focus on a group of people who are trying to shoot a South American soap opera at Style Productions Studios. Everybody does their best for the project when, unexpectedly, the police enter the stage as they suspect the Colombian producer of providing drugs to a mobster called Gotinia and his colleague.

The filming is suspended for the time being due to the incident, and in the midst of a series of humerous situation, the producers of the movie, who are butchers, become very interested in providing publicty to their wide range of food products.

However, Gotinia wants to recover the confiscated "goods" and breaks into the new recording of the soap opera. When he realizes what is being filmed, he decides to produce and direct it, providing a humorous mafia styled script.