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(Hristo Shopov as the Wehrmacht Colonel)


ORIGINAL TITLE: I giorni dell'amore e dell'odio - Cefalonia.

Image YEAR: 2001.

DIRECTED BY: Claver Salizzato.

MAIN CAST: Daniele Liotti, Liberto Rabal, Hristo Shopov, Mandala Tayde, Ugo Pagliai, Sarah Miles, Ricky Tognazzi, Francesco Venditti and Riccardo Salerno.

PRODUCED BY: Enzo Gallo and Alexander Metodiev.

WRITTEN BY: Claver Salizzato.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Paolo Rustichelli.

RUNTIME: 84 minutes.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria - Italy.

GENRE: War | Romance | Drama | Action.



Helberg and Wolfgang are brothers who live in the south of Tyrol with their family. They lead a quiet life in this peaceful and charming place.

Both fall in love with the same woman, Martha, but it is Wolfgang who marries her. From that moment on, Helberg shall keep in his heart an unrequited love.

After the wedding, Helberg, attracted by the National Socialist ideology, joins the German Army. With this angry and bitter decision, Helberg wants to leave behind his Italian roots.

With the outbreak of WW II, the brothers’s relationship, already weak by Martha’s affair, becomes even worse because they take very different positions in relation to the situation in Italy: Wolfgang is recruited by Italian Army.

As the war rages on, the circumstances change. Helberg gets injured in action but quickly asks his colonel (Hristo Shopov) to allow him to continue fighting. The colonel sends Helberg to fight on the island of Kefalonia.

In full conflict, the family experience an unexpected situation: a few days after the Italian armistice with the Allies of 8th September 1943, the two brothers are both in Kefalonia without realising it, fighting against each other to control the island. Eight thousand Italian soldiers have the dilemma of whether to remain loyal to their German allies or consider them enemies.

They choose the latter option and the Germans respond by organising a cruel reprisal. Against this backdrop, the Italian contingent of the legendary Acqui Infantry Division and the soldiers of the German Wehrmacht Division will fight a ten day battle that will result in a tragic end for Wolfgang and Helberg.