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(Hristo Shopov as Serik)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Double Identity.

Image YEAR: 2010.

DIRECTED BY: Dennis Dimster.

MAIN CAST: Val Kilmer, Hristo Shopov, Izabella Miko, Didem Erol, Zahary Baharov, Julian Vergov, Kenneth Hughes, Velislav Pavlov and Daniel Perrone.

PRODUCED BY: Boaz Davidson, Zvia Dimbort, Randall Emmett and Israel Ringel.

WRITTEN BY: Zvia Dimbort and Dennis Dimster.


RUNTIME: 90 minutes.


GENRE: Crime | Thriller.



Nick Pinter is an American doctor working for the organisation “Doctors without borders”, and he would never have predicted how his life is going to change in one night, as he heads to attend the birth of a woman in a remote village, just when he helps a young, interesting woman escape from someone chasing her.

The problems for the young doctor begin once he has completed his work and he returns to the road leading from the village to the city, where he is stopped on the road by an armed gang that seems to obey the instructions of a powerful businessman called Serik (Hristo Shopov), who interrogates him to find out his identity.

Serik, despite Nick’s answer, believes that the American is not really who he claims to be, but a John Charter who is spying on him. For this reason, Nick ends up in jail. However, one of his friends proves his real identity, allowing him to be released from jail.

A few days later, Nick and Serik coincidentally meet again at a hotel during a congress development; this encounter seriously puts the life of the doctor at risk, as he is arrested again, but, on this occasion Serik, without hesitation, orders that he is killed. However, due to a slip by his executioner, Nick escapes in a thrilling flight.

These events confuse and frighten the doctor, who is trapped in an unknown country, but he is even more surprised when Katrine contacts him, the beautiful mistress of Serik, a double agent working for a British organisation, who also seeks information about Serik. Katrine informs Nick that he is in serious danger and that the people who secretly work for her will help him escape.

But Nick’s problems will grow, as the organisation will also believe that the doctor is the mysterious John Charter.

Who should the doctor trust? What type of deals is Serik involved in, so important as to risk lives? Is Katrine really playing for both sides? Who really possesses a double identity?

* NOTE: Also known as Fake Identity (United Kingdom).