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(Hristo Shopov as Captain Sergei Petrov)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Dragon Fighter.

Image YEAR: 2003.

DIRECTED BY: Phillip J. Roth.

MAIN CAST: Dean Cain, Kristine Byers, Robert Zachar, Hristo Shopov, Marcus Aurelius, Robert DiTillio, Vesela Dimitrova, Chuck Echert and Kelly Wilborn.

PRODUCED BY: Jeffery Beach, Dean Cain and Melanie J. Elin.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Baldwin and Phillip J. Roth.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Anthony Riparetti.

RUNTIME: 86 minutes.


GENRE: Science Fiction | Horror.



The Middle Ages. England, 1109 AD.

A group of knights find traces of what seems to be a dragon attack on a village. These warriors walk to a cave to find the origin of this attack and their suspicions are confirmed. They are armed and they attack the creature in its lair to prevent further death and destruction in the area. However, gunpowder carried by one of the warriors explodes when it meets the dragon’s fire and the whole cave collapses.

In the present, Dr. Drackovitch, an important expert in genetics starts a secret science laboratory nearly 400 feet below ground, where they attempt to clone animals. The doctor is accompanied by Carver, the recently named new chief of security of the experimental base where they both work.

The instalations are in a conversion of an old shelter built during the Cold War by the Americans.

Both the men are welcomed upon arrival by captain Sergei Petrov (Hristo Shopov), a Russian officer who also works in the laboratory.

Drackovitch thinks about using the fossilized egg DNA of a prehistoric creature, believed to be a dinosaur, found in a cave in the south of England, to be cloned and then to mature. As the experiment progresses, one of the eggs matures very fast and within a few hours, what the doctors really see is a dragon, which will threaten the base and its staff.

Carver and Petrov will take the decision to kill the cloned dragon but Drackovitch, who sees the creature as an achievement for humankind, opposes this idea.