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(Hristo Shopov as Russian President Alexander Petrov)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Command Performance.

Image YEAR: 2009.

DIRECTED BY: Dolph Lundgren.

MAIN CAST: Dolph Lundgren, Hristo Shopov, Melissa Smith, Dave Legend, The Band D2, Clement von Franckenstein, Shelly Varod, Zahary Baharov, Katarzyna Wolejnio, Ida Lundgren, Robin Dobson, James Chalke and Naum Shopov.

PRODUCED BY: Les Weldon and Danny Lerner (Nu image / Millenium Films).

WRITTEN BY: Steve Latshaw and Dolph Lundgren.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Patrick Cassidy.

RUNTIME: 100 minutes.


GENRE: Action.



A charity concert becomes bloody in Moscow with the sudden emergence of some armed terrorists who, with a brutal attack, eliminate the security forces of the F.S.B. They take the Russian President Alexander Petrov (Hristo Shopov) hostage, together with his two daughters (Anna and Yana), a famous singer and her band, and the American ambassador Bradley.

Immediately, the American intelligence service C.I.A, and the soviet F.S.B, join together to save the innocent lives of the captured, but the leader of the mercenary terrorist, Oleg Kazov, demands a multi-million dollar ransom, if they wish to see Petrov alive again and the rest of the illustrious hostages.

As proof of his intentions, the kidnapper executes one of the hostages in front of the cameras.

However, the terrorists have not taken into account that the drummer of the band, Joe, is a former special agent, and in addition to this, a young Russian agent of the F.S.B has survived the attack. Both are unwilling to let Kazov’s demands be fulfilled.

The difficulty in the plan to free the hostages is heightened when old ghosts from the Soviet Union appear in the development of the action by the presence of Russian President Petrov.