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(Hristo Shopov as Vasyl)



Image YEAR: 2001.

DIRECTED BY: Mark Roper.

MAIN CAST: Gary Daniels, Carol Campbell, Richard Clarkin, Meglena Karalambova, Hristo Shopov, Peter Mechkoff, Vladimir Bonev, Petko Petsev and Bashar Rahal.

PRODUCED BY: Gary Howsam, Danny Lerner, Harry Alan Towers and David Varod (GFT Entertainment, Towers of London Entertainment and Bulgarian Business Projects).

WRITTEN BY: Peter Welbeck.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Russell Walker.

RUNTIME: 90 minutes.

COUNTRY: Canada - U.K. - Bulgaria - USA.

GENRE: Action | Thriller.



When the reporter, Steve Roberts, receives an urgent call from his good friend Dr. Charlie Venco, encouraging him to leave Seattle as soon as possible to report on a scientific engineering story in Bulgaria, he doesn’t know that soon enough he will find himself in a world of disappearances, death and deception.

In fact, listening to Venco, Roberts thinks that a good story might be interesting for his work, and immediately leaves for Sofia.

After landing he finds a taxi driver, Vasyl (Hristo Shopov) who offers his services and suggests that it is useful to have friends where he is going. Both of them go to Venco’s house, but just when they are about to arrive they see that someone has died. Vasyl asks what happened (as Roberts doesn’t speak Bulgarian) and has no choice but to inform the American that the doctor is the deceased.

Image Roberts has suspicions regarding his friend’s strange death. At the funeral, he meets Alexa Campos, an attractive associate of the doctor. A romantic liaison starts between them. Given the investigations conducted by the American the relationship is threatened by hired hooligans, and even the military police, who are all interested to keep the truth a secret.

The journalist discovers that Venco had links with the Russian mafia and that, what he thought was a project of blood research is in fact a case of a development of a 100% addictive drug "Blue Mist”.