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(Hristo Shopov as Gillo Bitter)

ORIGINAL TITLE: Annata di Pregio (TV).

YEAR: 1993.

DIRECTED BY: Egidio Eronico.

MAIN CAST: Stefano Abbati, Renato Carpentieri, Patrizia Piccini, Hristo Shopov, Salvatore Rosiello, Elia Zaghelis, Mariana Stanisheva, Ivan Djambasov, Irinei Konstantinov, Paolo Bellizzomi, Petar Niagolov, Ilia Penev, Paola Fassio, Emil Emilov, Liubomir Bojilov, Silvia Pavlova and Svetlana Savova.

PRODUCED BY: NEC Entertainment Group, Notorious, Ministero del Turismo e dello Spettacolo, Sashko Velichkov and Inter Film.

WRITTEN BY: Pietro Conti and Egidio Eronico.


RUNTIME: 100 minutes.

COUNTRY: Italy - Bulgaria.

GENRE: Drama.


A shameless society…

A man and his vineyards…

The fight for survival…

An English financial company is acquiring several hectares of vineyards in a village. The peasants, excited about getting a bit of money, are selling without thinking.

Alexis Cortes, a shameless businessman, manages this company selling smoke to the local population by making deceitful promises which everybody believes.

Everybody except Elia Zenghelis, a traditional man, with skin destroyed by the sun, who won’t accept compromises and certainly won’t lose his only source of wealth: the land, the vineyard.

Nevertheless, the needs of the market and the new times are clear: sell wine wholesale. That’s the future. And that’s the main intention of the English company.

After Elia refuses Cortes’ offer, an angry Cortes won’t allow his money-making plan to dissolve, so he adopts other plans by resorting to the the dirtiest means. Elia remains isolated from the rest of the village, who all desert him with his grapes still to be picked.

Elia won’t give in and he begins the harvest, assisted by his old friend Demetrio along with two black peasants. But the worst is yet to come: Clara, Elia’s daughter, hates her father and, instead of helping, offers her services to the evil Cortes. Together they plan the murder of the vine grower.

* NOTE: Also known by the tittle Full-Bodied Wine.