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(Hristo Shopov as Commander Gorshkov)


TÍTULO ORIGINAL: Interceptor Force 2 (TV).

Image YEAR: 2002.

DIRECTED BY: Phillip J. Roth.

MAIN CAST: Olivier Gruner, Roger R. Cross, Adrienne Wilkinson, Hristo Shopov, Elizabeth Gracen, Alex Jolig, Eve Scheer, Nigel Bennett, Richard Gnolfo, Vladimir Kolev and Julian Vergov.

PRODUCED BY: Jeffery Beach and Phillip J. Roth.

WRITTEN BY: Patrick Phillips.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Anthony Riparetti.

RUNTIME: 92 minutes.


GENRE: Science Fiction | Action.



A strange spaceship enters Earth's orbit and two Russian fighters are destroyed after making contact with it.

Later, in a Soviet military base located 40 km east of Grozny, something unusual happens: a highly respected soldier for an unknown reason destroys the military camp he is serving in.

A U.S. special forces team called Interceptor Force, whose members are experts in different arts and sciences, led by Lieutenant Sean Lambert quickly leave for Chechnya.

Once there, Commander Gorshkov (Hristo Shopov) welcomes the American group with little enthusiasm. The mission is to aid the Russian Army in capturing an unidentified person probably hidden in a nuclear plant near the destroyed base which contains a highly dangerous uranium reactor.

Since a few hours earlier, the reactor operating staff has not communicated with the outside and there is the risk of a uranium leak.

The special group wants get into the reactor to see what happened, but Commander Gorshkov forbids it. First it’s Gorshkov and his Russian forces who will try to solve the problem without the help of the foreigners.

Lambert is suspicious of Gorshkov’s order forbidding the Americans from helping and he informs Washington that he believes Commander Gorshkov is hiding something.

Gorshkov and his men will enter the mysterious plant and, after a little while, nobody will answer the calls made by Lambert from outside trying to check on the state of those inside.

* NOTE: Also known as Alpha Force and They Have Returned (UK).