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(Hristo Shopov as navigator Petrenko)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Alien Hunter (TV).

Image YEAR: 2003.

DIRECTED BY: Ron Krauss.

MAIN CAST: James Spader, Janine Eser, John Lynch, Leslie Stefanson, Carl Lewis, Hristo Shopov, Anthony Crivello, Roy Dotrice, Mariana Stanisheva, Nikolai Binev and Svetla Vasileva.

PRODUCED BY: Boaz Davidson, Scott Einbinder, Carol Kottenbrook and Danny Lerner.

WRITTEN BY: J. S. Cardone and Boaz Davidson.


RUNTIME: 88 minutes.

COUNTRY: USA - Bulgaria.

GENRE: Science Fiction | Action | Adventure.



A research team supported by NASA is working in Antarctica when they discover that one of its satellites has picked up a mysterious signal coming from a box-like object many metres below the icecap.

Suspecting that the signal does not come from Earth, the team leader immediately calls Julian Rome, an old friend who works as cryptographer in the Search Project for Extraterrestrial Intelligence for the U.S. Government.

Julian takes the first flight to the South Pole and is driven near to the unidentified item, which is still stuck in a large block of ice.

After building a rudimentary decoder, Rome manages to decipher the mathematic code and discovers that the message is a warning from the extraterrestrials that says: ‘Do not open!’ But it is too late. Whilst the scientist was decoding the message, the rest of the team, most of them botanists, had opened the box. Image

Immediately some of them die, while the rest are infected by anextraterrestrial virus.

The American Government, upon hearing the news, asks for Russian support and a Soviet military submarine navigated by Petrenko (Hristo Shopov) is quickly sent to the South Pole to torpedo the base and try to prevent the disaster that would occur if humanity is ever exposed to the unknown disease.

A race against time will start to prevent Earth’s complete annihilation.

* NOTE: Also known as The Beacon (USA).