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(Hristo Shopov as Pavel Troyanov)


ORIGINAL TITLE: Четвърта власт / Chetvarta vlast.

Image YEAR: 2013.

DIRECTED BY: Stoyan Radev and Dimitar Kotsev-Shosho.

MAIN CAST: Hristo Shopov, Atanas Atanasov, Samuel Finzi, Deyan Donkov, Vladimir Penev, Ivailo Geraskov, Mihail Mihailov, Hristo Petkov, Senejina Petrova, Svetlana Yancheva, Ana Papadopulu, Mila Parusheva and Desi Morales.

PRODUCED BY: BNT - Sevda Shishmanova.

WRITTEN BY: Vanya Nikolova, Alexander Chobanov, Velislava Popova, Emil Andreev, Jordan Bankov, Rosen Bosev and Stoyan Radev.

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Victor Stoyanov.

RUNTIME: 54 minutes / episode.

COUNTRY: Bulgaria.

GENRE: Political thriller.



THE FOURTH ESTATE is a TV series introduced as a political thriller, full of action and suspense, in which the government’s Secret Service, politicians and the media often find themselves in opposition, each one serving a different, opposite and even hidden interest.

The main story developes around several research journalist's work in a newspaper, with the same name of the series title: ‘The Fourth Estate’.

In the editiorial office of the newspaper ‘The Fourth Estate’, every day there is frantic activity pursuing news. Journalists gather lots of information, sources, articles, puffs, etc., on their desks. They work against the clock to decide what will be the frontpage of each issue, and disputes often arise that end up affecting the ethics of the workplace.

Journalists spend and even risk their lives researching. It’s worth doing anything if it means getting a great exclusive!

In this series’ episodes the screen will show such interesting and topical issues as: what are the power mechanisms to influence the media?, could the media manipulate the society?, what is the role of the intelligence services regarding the media?, should the journalist keep professional ethics in his work at whatever cost?, or, where is the line between news and sensationalism in the press?

The main characters and storylines in the first edition are as follows:

Аndrei Krestanov is the most experienced and important journalist of Fourth Estate newspaper. One day, Andrei gets valuable and secret information via policeman Ilia Iliev's hands: Minister of Finances Kisiov has held a suspicious meeting with businessman Minko Denev.

The Fourth Estate editor and his editiorial boss assure Аndrei that his exclusive news shall be undisputed front-page if he gets photographic proof.

National Security Department's Chief, Pavel Troyanov (Hristo Shopov), finds out about Аndrei's meetings with the policeman and strategically decides to "filter" some fake images in the hope of getting the journalist to fall into his trap and use them. Indeed, Аndrei falls for it and the newspaper publishes the exclusive, which is immediately and categorically denied by Кisiov.

The scandal over the fake pictures published by Fourth Estate causes Аndrei's resignation. He has been easy prey for the Government and Тroyanov's intelligence services.

However, Andrei is not willing to spoil his extended professional career as a result of this situation and becomes determined to prove his own innocence, which means war with Тroyanov.



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